Small coding tasks for Google Cloud Platform on demand

Tell us what task you want and we’ll build it the same day. First task is free.

How it works

You leave us your email and description of the task you want us to build. We'll contact you, and based on your task description we may ask you a few more questions and let you know how long it'll take us.

Once the work is done, we'll contact you again and tell you how to deploy the code.


Q: How much does it cost?

Your first task is always free. After that, each task is priced independently. Once you send us the task, we'll contact you with a rough cost.
Since the requested task should *not* be a big feature, we suppose the fees will be in the range of $25-$100.

Q: What are some examples of tasks I can ask you to build?

Anything on Google Cloud Platform (or Firebase) that isn't a job for multiple days. If you aren't sure if the task is small enough, just send us the task anyway and we'll contact you :).

Q: How does the payment process work?

We'll send you a PayPal link, once we finish and deliver you your task.

Q: Who are you?

We're two friends working on a drag-and-drop backend builder.
To understand better what people often build on backend we decided to build this as an experiment.
You can find one of us on Twitter

Q: Can I ask you to build anything?

Please ask us only to build smaller parts of your project. While we happily build you some basic "follow" feature for your site, we probably won't build you a full admin system.

Q: How quickly will you finish the task?

We'll start working on your task the same day unless we're overwhelmed with earlier tasks.